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The Blue Mosque at night

The Blue Mosque at night


Guest trips in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country with a wide variety in sightseeing. Most of them can also be arranged as private tours. I my opinion the most important on a tour is that  not only the topic and location are appealing but also that the guide is an expert and that he or she is capable of sharing that with the guests. In the end what we all are looking for is enhancing the guest experience.

Although we prefer customizing all our tours this new initiative caught my eye. At AnyRoad they have come with an interesting new concept. As they describe it themselves “So we started AnyRoad for modern explorers, and decided to reclaim the word “tour”, as a way to better connect the world. We want to help people to rethink the way they travel, travel more responsibly, and see the world differently, by connecting with passionate professional guides who want to show us the world they love”.

Does this fit the superyacht industry? I think it does because it offer guests the option to have a private tour with a professional. Are they already there? No, I don’t think so. For that reason I have been in touch with Daniel Yaffe one of the founders and suggested a more high end area for the superyacht industry with custom build normally unreachable tours to stun our guests. They are working on that now.

Until then at their Turkey section they already offer 36 guided tours which can be adapted to the wishes of the guests. I believe a great benefit. What I believe is an additional benefit is that they can secure the quality of the tour and the guide, a necessity.

Let’s see how they develop, I will keep you posted in this blog.

Picture of The Classical tour of Istanbul