Saklıkent Canyon & Tlos


Saklıkent, meaning ‘’hidden valley’’ in Turkish, is situated between Fethiye and Kalkan. The canyon is about 18 km long and 300 meters deep, one of the deepest in the world. So steep and narrow that the sun doesn’t penetrate the icy-cold water that is refreshing and more than welcome during summer.

After April, when most of the snow on the Taurus Mountains has melted and passed through, visitors can enter the canyon.

Once you enter the gorge, big water-sculpted limestone walls soar above you which is unbelievably beautiful,fascinating and mystic. The result from the abrasion of the rocks by flowing waters during thousands of years. You even get the feeling that you are on a different planet.

Remember to take some extra clothes and submersible shoes – you will get wet and avoid bringing unwaterproof expensive cameras!


You can include a visit to the ancient ruins of Tlos, situated on a hilltop about 4 km northwest of Saklıkent. It is believed settlement begin more then 4,000 years ago and to be one of the largest and oldest Lycian cities. Tlos was subsequently inhabited by Romans, Byzantines and Ottoman Turks, up until the 19th century.

Once on the site, overlooking the beautiful Xanthos Valley, you’ll find the Lycian-era rock tombs and sarcophagi, the stadium, the acropolis, the public baths, the church and the theatre. All ruins noteworthly to explore.

Please note that the climb up isn’t easy going so definitely wear a good pair of athletic shoes and don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a bottle of water.